APRIO (L. aperio) means Transparency

Boards of Directors are a critical asset of any organization. Yet their true value is often under-utilized because outdated processes and systems remain in place even after their limitations are realized. APRIO Inc. is a leader in the worldwide transition to better corporate governance by companies and nonprofits and we’re proud to be part of the revolution in governance practice.

Today, Boards and board support teams are buried in busywork and are limited by a lack of tools. We build high quality, utility software, so that people can deal with the real work of governance. APRIO Boardroom is a constantly evolving set of specialized software tools designed to simplify repetitive tasks. While increasing productivity is important, it is only part of the job. APRIO Boardroom's internet-based board communication tools and document repositories save costs, reduce risk, improve security and enhance reporting better than email and paper. These tools in-turn give clients highly-leveraged improvements in board effectiveness and create great value for stakeholders.